Prof. CHANG Chung Nan

Message from the President

I am delighted to see the successful establishment of this web site for the Department of Chinese Literature. From my humble perspective, it is our relentless pursuit of individual spiritual satisfaction, not the sparkled slogan, that fuels the advancement of culture and humanity. I wish this web site would be of help to you on your journey of such pursuit.

Prof. Ho Pui Hung

Message from the Department Head

After 4 years of learning at our College, students are expected to have acquired a good foundation in Chinese language and literature, as well as an ample knowledge in history and philosophy, enabling them to give valuable contributions to the society and nation accordingly.

Our programme is characterized in balanced weight of classical and modern Chinese; in knowledge and skills acquired progressively. Our teaching methods include, among others, lectures, tutorials, group discussions, workshops, IT information and language training in studio.

In mourning for our Department Head, Professor Kenneth P.H. HO

Our Department Head passed away on 19 March 2013. All staff and students of our Department were deeply saddened by the news. As Department Head for 10 years, Prof Kenneth P.H.HO led us through the programme accreditation for Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Chinese Literature in 2004 and a programme review conducted by HKCAAVQ in 2008.

Under Prof Ho’s leadership, our Department started to improve its reputation and the number of our students has dramatically increased every year. We were very shocked to receive the sad news of his passing away due to sickness. Our Department sincerely prays that Prof Ho rest in peace. We will carry on pursing his dream of promoting classical Chinese literature and Chinese culture, and working hard to assist the College to resume its ‘University’ title in the near future.